Carl Seguin
Natfit Franchise Owner of Louisiana Territory

I’ve always been a competitive person. No matter if it was sports I played growing up, reaching PR’s in the gym, or winning a match at one of the many Arm-Wrestling Competitions. I have Craig Tullier and Ray Henderichs to thank for that. I met Craig and Ray in 2000 on a job site. I had no idea how much I would enjoy Arm Wrestling and Craig also introduced me to the gym.

At 32, I was married and had a baby girl. My life was all I could’ve ever wanted, or so I thought. But shortly after my daughter was born, my marriage started to fail, and I became a single father in 2003. It felt like my life falling to pieces, I realized having my little girl full time meant having to sacrifice some things I enjoyed in life to provide for us. It was tough. I gave up the gym, arm wrestling, and everything else to focus on our life together. Shortly after God blessed me tremendously. I met my current wife, Maria, and her daughter, Chantel. At this time my focus was providing for my new family God had given me.

In 2012, our girls were in high school when I saw my buddies on television. They aired a reality show, Game of Arms. One day I decided to drop by a practice, to reminisce, of course. I got back on the table arm wrestling and it felt like I never left. My wife encouraged me to start training again. Having my family’s support was the push I needed. It’s been 8 years now and I’m back training in the gym and competing again. My love for the sport and my overall health directed my attention to Jamie Sheldon and what he was doing with his company, Natfit. I decided to try some of his products and do my research. At that point, it was a no brainer that I needed to call Jamie about investing and expanding his company.

In November of 2019 I bought the Franchise for Louisiana so I could build something for our future. Having a spouse that has your back, and two daughters that are there for you, helps tremendously. My goal is to spread these awesome products to everyone possible in hopes to help make their lives better. Whether it’s helping with their wellness, reaching their PR’s in the gym, or just trying to get healthier these products can help you do just that. Natfit offers the opportunity to have personal experiences with the customers that you can’t get from most companies. God has blessed me with this opportunity,  I believe wholeheartedly in these products, and so should you. So if you’re ready to make a change in your life, join the Natfit family today.